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Global data coverage with deep insights to help you target prospects where they are most likely to respond.

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Spend Time Talking To People, Not Trying To Connect With Them

Supplement your multi-channel outreach with the right information - it's like a missing piece of the puzzle so reps can do what they're good at – having conversations with prospects!

Phone Validation

Social Insights

Email Predictability

B2B data from EMEA, NA, LATAM, APAC

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B2B data from EMEA, NA, LATAM, APAC

Full Suite of Data Solutions

Custom Leads

Harness the true power of outbound by acquiring custom data that’s tailor made for your business. Power your sales and marketing decisions with Cloudlead’s custom data points to better personalize your outreach efforts. This includes:
Specification of custom insights for personalization
Optimal data quality with 100% human verified leads
Acquire entire TAM which is not in your CRM or database

Lead Enrichment

Maximize your investment on inbound and/or re-marketing activities with enriched verticals. Whether you’re looking for firmographic, technographic, demographic and lead insights, Cloudlead will add-on the insights you value most. Enrich with more verticals like hiring activity, technology usage, funding status etc. This includes:
Account-based lead enrichment
Acquire more social insights for social prospecting

Lead Cleansing

At least 22.5% of your database would lose its value in terms of accuracy and relevance each year. With human researchers and tools, Cloudlead will verify emails and all your data points. This includes:
Upkeep of entire database with 100% verification guaranteed
Emails are tested for spam traps, SMTP and domain check
Verified data with live social sources added for compliance

Lead Scoring

If your sales team would automatically know who to chase first, how much time would it save them? Answer: A lot. CMO’s witnessed a 78% increase in ROI post implementation of lead scoring. Cloudlead utilizes human verified data accuracy to build most accurate scores for your team. This includes:
Scoring your leads according to your ideal customer profile
All leads will also be re-verified for phone and email
Customize your lead scoring mechanism


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