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Noman Siddiq


Years in Industry: 15 years

Noman is an Evangelist and Founder of Cloudlead. He is a results-driven executive, deep-rooted in strategic planning, business development, and operational execution. He focuses on building strong, kind leaders to create an amazing cultural organization, leaving a legacy for future leaders that are making generational impacts all around them.

Salman Siddiq

Co-Founder / VP-Sales

Years in Industry: 13 years

Salman is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales at Cloudlead. Salman is a strong operational executive who understands the recruitment, motivation, and measurement of inside-sales. He has strong leadership qualities. He is a strategic yet creative thinker, demonstrating an ability to overcome obstacles and succeed.

Zobia Zuberi

Co-Founder and Marketing Strategist

Years in Industry: 6 years

Zobia is a Marketing Strategist at Cloudlead. She has a unique talent for blending a friendly, relaxed attitude with an exacting, calculating outlook on all things work-related. Zobia is a creative marketer who has spent her career supporting growth within the firm. She has a great attitude and approach when faced with a challenge, with a primary focus on lead generation, customer acquisition, and member engagement/usage.

Moaaz Nagori

Co-Founder / CMO

Years in Industry: 7 years

Moaaz is the Co-Founder and Chief MarketingOfficer at Cloudlead. Detailed-oriented and resourceful individual with interest in working as a team and generating ideas. Proven communicator with experience in Social Media Management, Marketing & Sales Development, Client & Account Management. He is highly motivated to learn and grow in order to succeed to reach professional and personal goals.

Zain Khan

Director Data Security & Operations

Years in Industry: 12 years

Zain Khan is the director of data security and operations at Cloudlead. He has stellar communication skills and a deep understanding of technology trends. He always enjoys tackling challenging projects and leading cross-functional initiatives. He has a passion for nurturing talent, building strong teams, continuous learning, and working collaboratively to meet aggressive goals.

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