Know whether your leads are likely to respond on Email, Phone or Social.

Cloudlead provides human-verified leads, combining software scalability with human precision to mine for custom sales triggers that indicate strong buying intent.

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Connect ratio on phone validated leads/8x increase in connect rates


Increased response on social media outreach


Increase in opens with email predictability


More responses with our combined insights on lead generation campaigns


Spend less time dialing or leaving voice mails and more time talking to your prospects.

With human researchers and tools, Cloudlead verifies emailsand updates all your existing data points. This includes:
People who tend to pick up
Time stamped so you know when to call


Cut down time spent on prospecting and target leads on social platforms where they are most active.

This includes social profiles – both personal and company – and additional data points like number of followers, last activity, area of interest, hobbies, etc. that are then used to come up with a social rank.

Includes social ranks according to last activity and date

Know where your leads are most active

Last activity on account

B2B data from EMEA, NA, LATAM, APAC

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Improve your open and reply rates by only emailing prospects who usually open sales and marketing messages.

Each contact on your list is marked with an email open predictability score that allows you to filter leads who might never even see your message.
Contacts who are more likely to open your email


Better response rates since you can filter leads by the channel they prefer – phone, social or email.

Spend time talking to your prospects, not trying to connect with them.
Contact by contact cadence recommendation
Run multi-channel campaigns that go beyond 'Hi Jake!'


“The data is really high in quality and is very well positioned in the market. We are very happy to have partnered with Cloudlead."

Tom U.

Director, Business Development

"They are able to take a list, and verify working email addresses as well as ensuring the phone numbers are accurate."

Jason C.


"Willing to do whatever it takes. Very solid and cost effective resource for lead cleansing, enrichment and validations."

Eric G.

Director of Customer Engagement

Cloudlead has won multiple awards over the years

Target best fit accounts at the right time, armed with the right information

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